At Vertu our aim is simple: to create the extraordinary. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but also by ensuring your Vertu is more than an object of desire. Through our lifestyle services, it’s your passport to an exclusive world. And to guarantee every Vertu meets our uncompromising standards and your high expectations, each blends a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, performance and services.


Every Vertu is, and always has been, handmade by a single craftsman at our small factory in Church Crookham, England. We use the most exceptional materials, such as ruby, sapphire and titanium, each carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength. As part of our dedication to creating something truly unique, we also provide a wide range of personalisation options, allowing our customers to fully express their individuality.


To ensure we exceed your expectations, each process and function of your Vertu has been developed to meet the very highest benchmarks of power, reliability and performance. From crystal-clear sound and breathtaking images to fast processing; and from global connectivity you can rely on, to the toughest materials, tested to our rigorous standards – the result is something quite remarkable.


While each Vertu is a pleasure to hold and use, it is far more than a phone, giving you access to a truly exclusive world.

  • Our Concierge service provides personalised assistance for almost anything you desire, day or night, no matter where you are.

  • Life offers ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences, such as world-famous cultural and sporting events, access to private members’ clubs and ‘closed-door’ shopping experiences from famous fashion houses.

  • Certainty gives you the peace of mind that your Vertu and your data are completely secure – and that you’ll be online whenever you need to be.


With Vertu, what you hold in your hand is only the beginning. Explore our extraordinary collections to discover your passport to a world of possibilities.